We are pleased to announce the availability of the first alpha of DOCman 2.0. We have worked very hard in the past year to rebuild DOCman from the ground up to take full advantage of the Joomla 2.5 platform.

DOCman 2.0 Alpha - Categories

DOCman 2.0 brings you everything that DOCman 1.x does but in a better, faster and simpler way. Easily upload documents across multiple folders and organise them into categories. Give users permission to upload, download, edit and delete documents. Store documents locally or remotely, on the web or on your intranet.

The development of DOCman 2.0 took longer then expected and we would like to thank all of you for your patience. We hope you like the result as much as we do!

Key Features

Here is a list of the most significant changes :

  1. DOCman 2.0 no longer stores its files in one folder. You can now manage files across multiple folders and subfolders using the new file manager.
  2. The upload and document creation process has been totally revamped. You can now upload a file and create a document with a single click.
  3. DOCman Populate functionality has been built-in to allow batch creation of documents with a single click.
  4. The new file manager allows to drag and drop files. You can upload multiple files at once or you can upload remote files from a URL.
  5. DOCman Thumbs has been integrated and DOCman is now capable of generating thumbnails on the fly.
  6. We have totally revamped DOClink to make it easier to insert links to documents into articles, you can now even insert links to categories and menu items.
  7. DOCman 2.0 offers complete support for the Joomla ACL system. Define, upload, download, edit and delete permissions per category and/or per document.
  8. We added a simple way to allow users to submit documents from the frontend with integrated notification support. This makes it easy to setup a dropbox on your site.
  9. You can create menu links to all categories, one category or a single document. You can also  create a list of documents based on custom filter settings.
  10. The different modules have been unified into one DOCman Documents module that can be used to create different document related modules on your site.

DOCman 2.0 Alpha - General Settings

DOCman 2.0 Alpha 1 is NOT for use in a production site and is meant for testing purposes only. We do not provide support and do not accept bug reports for alpha releases. But we are happy to hear your feedback for this release. Feel free to pop in at the DOCman support forums.

DOCman 2.0 Alpha 1 is available to all Joomlatools Club members. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and take the new DOCman 2.0 Alpha for a spin today!

  • Jesús

    Dear Sirs of Joomla Tools

    In Our company we use Joomla + Docman 1.5 as online file manager. What is the due date in order to have a stable version of Docman 2.0 we can safely use?

    I wait your reply

    Best Regards :)

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi ! We don’t have an official launch date for DOCman 2.0 yet. Currently we are in alpha stage, next step will be to move to beta and mark DOCman 2 feature complete.

  • Jesús

    Thank you very much for your answer Hopefully we can have a stable version asap.Best regards :):):)

  • Alberto

    Dear Joomla Tools,
     we are currently using Joomla 1.7/2.5 and Docman 1.5.  It will be available a migration procedure to move our old Docman 1.5 file manager to the Docman 2.0?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards


  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi! Yes, a migration solution from DOCman 1.5 to 2.0 will be made available when DOCman 2 becomes stable.

  • Bob

    The new version looks pretty good. And the total and tight integration with the Joomla! ACL is the missing link in the current stable version if you ask me.

    It’s too bad my client’s timing is not right. It would have suit his need perfectly. I guess that will give me a chance to sale him a DOCman update service later down the line !

    Well done !

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Thanks Bob ! 

  • Guest

    Is there a demo of DOCman 2.0 Alpha?

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    We do not have a demo available yet. We are aiming to make a demo available once we hit beta.

  • Daveozric

    It’s been very quiet lately. Is there any news on the status of the new version?

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  • Teo_

    Any news about Amazon S3 support? I’d like to store documents there…

  • Anonymous

    You are really slow now this Component is taking too long. 

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Teo, DOCman 2.0 will not have Amazon S3 support. This is something we are looking on adding in a next step.

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi, let’s say that no news is good news. The alpha was received wel and we got a ton of feedback which we have been working on due diligently over the summer. 

    We are currently doing final testing of the beta. The release is planned for next week. We are pretty excited about the beta, and the new features we have introduced.

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the feedback. We will offer a migration tool for customer who wish to move from DOCman 1.6 to 2.0. 

    The frontend styling is fully controllable using the Joomla template override mechanism. You can change the look and feel as needed for your own site.

  • Teo_

    Thanks for your answer. I hope to see it soon because I think it could be a cheap and valid solution for large doc archives.
    (I’m hoping to see S3 support for a site since 2009… http://www.slideshare.net/joomlatools/the-future-of-docman-joomladay-italy-2009-4343850 – slide 26)

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Teo, S3 and Dropbox support are still on our to do list. One step at a time though.

  • dtpii

    Hi Johan. Thanks for the update and really look forward testing the new version.

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