It’s the Dutch Joomladays this weekend and Joomlatools has an interesting line-up of talks for the  attendees.

Tom, Johan and Steven will be presenting and sharing the latest from Joomlatools HQ plus some Joomla site development tips.

Our talks

Templating with Bootstrap & LESS

Under the motto “Forget what you know”, Tom takes you into the wonderful world of Bootstrap from Twitter and LESS – the dynamic stylesheet language. Bootstrap is also being used for the development of the UI for Joomla 3.0.

Tom will explain various techniques and tricks in using Bootstrap. A must attend session for Joomla template developers.

Joomla in the Cloud

There is so much buzz today about the ‘cloud’. What is this and does it have anything to do with Joomla? Can you have Joomla site hosting in the cloud? What solutions are there? How does that work? What does it cost? What are the advantages as compared to conventional hosting?

In this presentation Johan will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of the cloud.

Joomla file and document management

For years, DOCman is one of the leading document and file management extensions for Joomla. DOCman 1.x has already been downloaded more than 2 million times! High time for a successor.

In the last 12 months, the team worked hard to develop DOCman 2.0, resulting in not just 1 but no less than 3 new extensions. Discover what’s new and coming for Joomlatools in 2012.

Automate your Joomla site deployments with Git

FTP is still the most common way to upload your site to your webserver. Did you know that there is an easier, faster and better way to do this?

In this presentation, Steven Rombauts takes a look at how you can deploy a Joomla site with Git. He will present different tools so you can discover how you can easily do it yourself.

Weekend Fun

For a fun, productive, informative, and innovative day, don’t miss the talks from the Joomlatools crew! See you on 21-22 of April for the Joomladays Netherlands!

  • Joomla Themes

    I just know about the tools of templating with bootstrap,joomla in the cloud,joomla file and document management and automate your joomla site..But i want to know about joomla in the cloud deeply share your info here….

  • Bobthebob01


    i could not make it to the Dutch Joomla Day because i live on a different continent but i would love to read about templating with Bootstrap and LESS. It’s exactly what i am working on for a personal project and it very interested to hear what pros like you guys are saying about it.

    I would appreciate if and where i could fine the digest or the presentation itself.



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  • Johan Janssens

    Hi ! You can find the recap of our presentations at the Joomladay here :

  • Johan Janssens

    Hi ! You can find the recap of our presentations at the Joomladay here : including links to the presentation itself.

  • Bobthebob01

    thanks a lot Johan.
    I actually saw this post this morning via your feed.