We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the release candidates of our new Joomla extensions  - FILEman, LOGman and EXTman.

Beta versions were made available in December 2011. You can start using the release candidates on production websites today ! The release candidates is the last stage before we release stable versions of the much awaited Joomla extensions.

Members of the Joomlatools club can download these Joomla extensions through our Member Center.

  • FILEman is our lightweight, simple, speedy and vamped up version of the Joomla media manager featuring multiple and remote file uploads, automatic thumbnail generation and easy file linking.
  • LOGman brings Facebook style user activity streams to Joomla. Easily keep track of what is happening on your site and what other people are doing. Record and view the activities of your web administrators, writers, editors & even yourself.
  • EXTman is the glue that holds our extensions all together. It adds the Joomlatools Framework to Joomla, is required by all our extensions and allows you to manage your installed Joomlatools extensions.

Not yet a member? Subscribe today for access to all Joomlatools products as soon as they are released.

  • marcello de santis

    I think is taking tooooooooooo long this Fileman, you are losing business.

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  • Dave Bishop

    Is there a place to report bugs in these RC?  I had an issue with fileman immediately.

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Dave, you can report bugs on our support forums.