Joomla!dagen Nederland - 21 & 22 april 2012, Zeist

The second quarter of the year ushers in one of the oldest and most popular Joomla events in Europe. The Dutch Joomladays is happening on the 21-22 of April and we are proud to be a Gold sponsor for this year’s event.

Since 2008, we have attended, presented and shared the latest developments from our HQ. We have collaborated with Joomladay NL attendees doing talks and workshops.

We have had  so much activity in the Joomlatools HQ at the start of 2012 so expect this year’s event to be even better!

New Extensions

Our team will be showcasing the latest must-have extensions from Joomlatools. Lot’s of work went into building them and finaly it’s time to show what we have been working on. The much awaited DOCman 2.0 beta, FILEman 1.0, and LOGman 1.0 will have their debut in a few weeks in front of the Joomla Dutch audience. Don’t miss this!

A Five Year Affair

Five years has resulted in a great partnership with the people behind Joomladays Netherlands. Joomlatools continues to support Joomladay events and we look forward to seeing everyone in Zeist!

  • Chris Staples

    Can you give a date when the DocMan 2 Beta will be available?

  • Johan Janssens

    Hi Chris, we just launched our new support forums. Next on our to do is the release of the stable versions of LOGman, FILEman and EXTman and the release of the first beta of DOCman 2.  Our goal is to have that first beta out mid of April. 

  • Joomla Extensions

    I’m newbie of  this blog ..Can u explain briefly for DocMan 2.0 Beta right now?

  • Johan Janssens

    You can find more info about DOCman 2 in my latest presentation from the Joomladay NL . Here is the link :