End of November last year we introduced FILEman the latest from the Joomlatools product line. FILEman is our lightweight, simple, speedy and vamped up version of the Joomla media manager featuring multiple and remote file uploads, easy file linking and automatic thumbnail generation.

Since the beta release of FILEman end of December we have been working hard on adding a few more key features we are sure you will like. FILEman now comes with a built-in image gallery, support for file listings and we added the ability to remotely upload files.

Image gallery


The image gallery is a super simple way of displaying an album. You can put all your images in a folder, create a menu item for it, then get an instant image gallery. This feature is also made to be super fast by caching small images.

File listing

FILEman’s file listing feature allows you to offer a downloadable list of files to your site users. All you need to do is create a menu item and select the folder and/or subfolders you want to list.

International filenames

FILEman enables full support for international filenames and folder names running on Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5. Your files can now be named in your own language.

Remote file uploads


FILEman now allows file uploads directly from a URL. We also added instant file size validation so you never upload files that are too big.

FILEman Release

FILEman 1.0 will be released early February. Buy a subscription today and be the first to get FILEman 1.0 when it’s released.