We are pleased to announce the immediately availability of DOCman 1.6.3 for Joomla 1.7. This release is available for download for all members of our Member Center.

This hotfix release fixes one (1) major bug in 1.6.2. This bug also affects all previous versions of DOCman 1.6.x. running on Joomla 1.7.3. DOCman 1.6.x running on Joomla 1.7.2 or below is not affected. This bug does not affect the DOCman 1.5.x series

We became aware of issues with DOCman 1.6.x running on Joomla 1.7.3 through user reports on our forums. A change in Joomla 1.7.3 caused an unanticipated `Itemid` regression in DOCman.  The result was, in some cases, categories or documents which are meant to be visible to the public would ask you to login or would return a 403 error.

More information about the new releases can be found in our change-logs.

Commitment to Quality

Joomlatools is committed to giving you quality Joomla extensions that just work. Our total response time from when this bug was discovered to the availability of this release has been 9 days. However, it should be noted that the code for this fix was posted on the forums 5 days after confirmation of the bug. The remaining few days had been for testing of the fix and packaging.

Recommended Version

It is highly recommended that those running on Joomla 1.7 (especially those using the latest version 1.7.3) upgrade immediately to DOCman 1.6.3.


Information about how to update your DOCman installation can be found in the READ ME section on our Support Portal. Or get in touch with our support team on the forums.


Make sure to check our migration documentation if you are running DOCman 1.4.x or older and you want to migrate to the latest available version.

Member Center

Our member center gives a 12 month access to the latest releases of DOCman 1.5 & DOCman 1.6 including the Productivity Packs for all versions released within that period.

So get your 12 month subscription in our store today and stay up-to-date with the latest version of DOCman.

If you have not received your login credentials for the Member Center you can send an email to support@joomlatools.eu

  • Sander

    Thanks for this update, however the problem I posted was on Joomla 1.5 installation.
    Will a hotfix be released for 1.5 as well?

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Sander, the issue we fixed was only related to Joomla 1.7.3. Could you direct me to forum post about your issue and I will have a look. 

  • Sander

    Hi Johan, I noticed you posted as well: 

    Documents can only be opened by registered users

    Krisstoffer and I also send PM’s on this matter. All my problems concern 1.5.25 sites.. I hope you can help out…


  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Sander, I have a pretty good idea what your problem is and how it could be fixed. I have replied here : http://forum.joomlatools.eu/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=8553&p=29592#p29592 Please send an email and we will take it from there.

  • Amejat

    Still waiting for DOCman 2.0… You are so silent about this previously announced “magic” piece of software… And since Nothing !

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    The team has been working hard on DOCman 2.0 over the past months. We realized that DOCman is basically made up of 3 key features: files, documents and logs.

    Together, these three make up the core functionality. Instead of holding of until all three features are ready, we have decided to release them as separate extensions. The first two extensions we are releasing are FILEman and LOGman. We released beta’s end of last year and are now getting ready to release the 1.0 versions. 

    Fore more info on FILEman and LOGman see : http://blog.joomlatools.eu/2011/11/meet-fileman-and-logman.html

  • acooper

    I am using Joomla 2.5.1, can I use DOCman 1.6.3.

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Yes, all our extensions are compatible with Joomla 2.5.1. For more info please see : http://blog.joomlatools.eu/2012/01/we-are-ready-for-joomla-25.html

  • Federico

    Good afternoon, I can not download the installer docman 1.6.3. Not included in the download area. I am registered. I need to install it on joomla 1.7. Help please. regards Federico

  • http://johan.janssens.me Johan Janssens

    Hi Federico, please send us a mail at support@joomlatools.eu and we are glad to help you.

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