Knowing what’s happening on your site and what other people are doing is an essential part of web administration and the social web. Whether you’re alone or working with a team of web administrators, writers and editors, having the ability to record and view their activities in your site or across sites is very useful.

Activity Streams

Joomlatools is bringing Activity Streams to your Joomla sites through LOGman. If you use Facebook, you should have a general idea of what Activity Streams are. Knowing what you and others have done is very helpful. It shows you the progress of whatever project you’re working on, and it helps boost the productivity of people.

Logging Actions

LOGman is capable of logging all the actions of our Joomlatools extensions. For example, LOGman can log everything that is happening in FILEman 1.0 and the upcoming DOCman 2.0.

We also added support for some of Joomla’s core components. You can log events from content (add/edit) and users (add/edit/delete/login/logout). As an extra treat, LOGman can also log add and edit actions for DOCman 1.x. So even DOCman 1.x users can make direct use of LOGman.


Using the filters in the sidebar, you can show actions performed within a time period. You can also filter the actions based on the user who performed it. There will be more filters to further refine what you want to see in future releases of LOGman.

A Glimpse of the Future

Activity Streams play a very important role in the social web. Built on the concept of Activity Theory they allow people to follow each other’s activity across the Internet. Activity Streams are already being tested and used by Facebook, Google, and others.

With LOGman, we are very proud to be the first to implement this emerging standard for Joomla. We will be following the development of the Activity Streams Standard closely and implement more of its features. For more info see :

LOGman Demo

We have installed a preview of LOGman on our Joomla 1.7 demo site. Give it a spin and let us know how you like it !

  • Germi

    hello guys
    this is great, but you’re not the first to implement this for Joomla! we, at Content Statistics, have been doing this since our extension came out in April! ;)

    hope we can co-exist together! we also track activity for many Joomla extensions, including your wonderful DOCman!

  • Johan Janssens

    Hi Germi ! We know and love your content statistics components. There is a big difference with LOGman though. LOGman provides activity streams for actions performed by registered users, not for anonymous users. 

    For example LOGman tracks add/edit/delete actions. It logs who did what where. See also the link about activity theory and the emerging activity streams standard. 

    Unlike your content statistics component LOGman doesn’t track actions by anonymous users. For example it doesn’t track document downloads, or tries to calculate document popularity.

    Hope that helps to explain it. As you can see both are very different components. I’m sure there is more then room enough for the both of us. 

  • Germi

    hello Johan!
    yes that’s true, we register activity for non-looged in. your component looks more like a tool for to track “admin” activity (edit actions, etc), which are usually performed by users that have access to add/edit content, so pretty much “admins”. we also have a backend “activity viewer”, but in our case it displays of course the actions we track (document and article views, downloads, stuff like that)
    anyway, yes I believe there’s room for both of us! best of luck on this and your other projects (FILEman, new DOCman…). I’m a big fan, I have to say one of the things Contetn Statistics users love is its integration with DOCman!
    if at any point you want to discuss any of this further, you can reach me by email any time.

    best regards!

  • Stan Orchard

    Will LOGman be part of DOCman or a separate product? What will be the cost?

  • Johan Janssens

    LOGman is a separate product that works with both DOCman 1.x and other components we are working on. See also our previous blog post :

    There is no extra cost. LOGman is part of our Joomlatools Members Club. By subscribing you get access to all our products, future release and updates for a period of 12 months. More info

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