It’s been eight months since Johan posted the very first entry on the blog, and this one is already number 65. We noticed that every now and then, someone mentions one of our posts, reuses information, or translates an item for a local community site. Of course, we love that! To further encourage this, we decided to relicense all our posts under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (unless stated otherwise).

What does it mean? This license gives you a couple of freedoms:

  • You are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • You are free to remix or adapt the work (this includes translating it)

There are of course a couple of conditions, to make sure everybody plays fair:

  • You must attribute the work to us, by adding ‘Originally written by [AUTHOR] at [LINK TO ORIGINAL POST]
  • You can’t use our work for commercial purposes
  • Whatever you do, your resulting must be licensed under the same license

You can read the full license or the short version at the Creative Commons site.

If you adapt, reuse or translate one of our posts, we’d love to hear about it! Just post a link in the comments of the original post. Not only will this help us to know what’s happening with our posts, it will also point people who are interested to your site. I’ve collected some links below: