LOGman integrations

With the recent release of LOGman 2.0, which includes an API for developing LOGman integrations with other components, we decided to put it all to the ultimate test by bringing new integrations for some of the most popular Joomla! extensions out there.

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of four new LOGman plugins which provide integrations for Remository, YOOTheme Zoo, K2 and Kunena. These extensions were picked based on requests made by our customers.

The plugins enable LOGman to log activities originated by user actions on those components, e.g. Tom added a new Remository File with the title Top Secret. In other words, these integrations will allow you to keep track of user activity on those components.

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Good news! With DOCman 2.0 stable out of the door and all remaining issues fixed work has started on development of DOCman 2.1. Better news! You do not need to wait for it. DOCman 2 comes with a very powerful plugin API that allows to extend almost all parts of it with ease.

Over the past few weeks we have worked on completing 3 new plugins for DOCman 2 to bring back features that didn’t make it into the core: email notificationslicense support and download limiting.

DOCman Notify

DOCman Notify is a plugin that sends notification emails to document and category owners about changes in those documents and categories that they manage.

  • Document owners will get an email notification whenever the documents they own are edited or deleted.
  • Category owners will get notification emails whenever a document is added to, deleted from or edited in the categories they own.

Tip: To make a registered user a document or category owner select the user in the ‘owner’ select box in the category or document form.

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Working in today’s fast-paced world with the ability to communicate with clients all over the world and deliver projects at a touch of a button; it seems anything is possible. Time is a valuable resource and there never seems to be enough of it in a day to get everything done.



Here at Joomlatools we pride ourselves on three things : great design, superb customer support and products based upon solid code. But how can you stick to these three principles when you are working towards a major new release? On one hand customers need new features, yesterday. On the other hand we need time to deliver robust stable products.

Good design takes time

We believe passionately in good design! Good design should mean that our Joomla extensions feel intuitive, simple, easy to use and inspire continual use. Code, just like design takes time and when done correctly seems so simple that you can’t believe the solution didn’t exist before.

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