The new Joomla 3.3 is about to be released soon! The second beta is being tested right now and the final version is expected on the 22nd of April. A lot of work has been undertaken to make this version the most secure and stable Joomla release ever!

We worked around the clock to make all our extensions 100% compatible with the upcoming Joomla 3.3 version. That means you will be able to upgrade the moment Joomla 3.3 is released.

Allow us to give you a little tour of what is coming up in this new version.

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You might have seen them on our social channels already: our new extension logo’s. The new logo designs are the first step in the new overall style we are working on. Here’s the story on how the new logos got shaped.


Why the new logos?

DOCman used to have a logo back in the days. But since we released both LOGman and FILEman we are using the Joomlatools logo for our extensions everywhere. This was a good decision since it gave us a consistent and recognizable style.

The past couple of years we’ve had clients asking us to advertise and sell our extensions separately. Something we are working on to make happen. To be able to promote each extension individually we are also creating a shiny logo for each.

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With our growing number of extensions and with DOCman 2 nearing it’s stable release  we are very happy to see an increase in the superb feedback we are receiving on our support forums. Thanks for that! It really helps us to make our extensions even better.

This also means that questions may already be answered by someone else. To ensure  you find those answers more easily we have implemented a brand new toolbar on top of the forum overviews. This toolbar gives you access to the version filter and the sorting options.

Using the toolbar, you can limit topics to the same extension version you are working with, helping you to avoid answers that do not apply to your installation. Even better, our support forums will remember your choice; when you come back later and login again, each forum will still be filtered to topics that only apply to the version you have selected!

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